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  • Who we are and how WeCare was

    WeCare takes its first steps in Asia, precisely in China. The idea comes from the bond between two young brothers born in Italy, in the Marche region. Andrea and Luca.

    The brothers, after countless journeys in Asia, reached China, where they decided to plant roots and give life to many projects together. They are guys full of enthusiasm and willingness to work, they are committed and do not even stop when faced with difficulties. It is precisely those difficulties that give them the push to find the key to success, always with humility and dedication. Today, the growth trend of their projects has helped them to create the WeCare brand.

    WeCare is a vision: they are people at the service of people. It is a meeting place. It is an experience where the end consumer is not just a customer, but much more, he is the one who ends the journey that WeCare initiates. The objective becomes to satisfy the needs of others with inventiveness and professionalism. WeCare, will not only be a brand but a real point of reference for those who need it.

    WeCare and its services

    From the very beginning, WeCare’s goal is to give its customers the best possible experience. The company offers a wide range of products and solutions to meet different needs. The use of high quality materials and the manufacture of products that improve the standards of comfort make it possible to increase efficiency and reliability. Not even the aesthetic aspect is ever neglected, which gives a touch of design and fashion.

    The design and manufacture of the products is based in China, but their market is located all over the world. In addition to its own production, WeCare is also a Trading Company. A versatile, flexible, and dynamic company, able to find and customize products, according to customer needs, at honest and affordable prices. WeCare offers fast shipments between 24 and 48 hours, which brings considerable advantages, first of all the speed of delivery. In addition, throughout the entire process from order to delivery, the customer is guaranteed active support at all times.

    WeCare and the Certifications

    The whole WeCare production is accompanied by the certificate of conformity and quality, according to the regulations governing its production and marketing. All products are also carefully checked to certify their reliability, quality, and good functioning. The control is carried out by qualified personnel and specific instruments.

    WeCare firmly believes that behind great successes, there is never just one person. There is always a team to determine the victories and it is teamwork that makes the difference. A work where everyone brings his or her best skills and talent into play, joining forces in one great goal. This is WeCare, sharing, teamwork, seriousness, professionalism, quality and research and attention to customer needs.

    There is a Japanese saying:

    A single arrow breaks easily, but not ten arrows held together.

    In this saying WeCare is perfectly reflected.